Analyse this…

Here’s a collection of my posts on writing analytical responses to texts.

Thoughts, Feelings and Actions – Analyse this Part 1

Here I explore the idea that literary analysis is essentially the pulling apart of a text’s construction to understand how and why it makes us think, feel and do stuff.

The Higher You Build Your Barriers – Analyse this Part 2

In this post, I look at the barriers students have to writing effective analytical pieces about their reading.

PEE-Nuts – Analyse this Part 3

I carried out a relatively unscientific experiment in which I asked four adults who haven’t written an analytical response to literature in a long time to produce a comparison of two poems from the GCSE anthology. How far removed from the PEE structure are their responses and what can we learn from this.

Baking Up An Essay – Analyse this Part 4

What are the ingredients of an effective literary essay and do they all have to be used in equal measure to ensure the perfect bake?

It’s Rude Not to Point

This post explores the anatomy of an effective point when writing about literature.


How can we teach students to effectively select evidence.

Body of Evidence

An exploration of the ways academic writers make use of quotations.

Context Lenses

What is context (according to AQA) and what do students need to know about context to be successful at GCSE level.